Reis november 2015 Canadian group

For the first time not a Dutch group: Canadians. Family incuded. They are real globe trotters who after a two month European tour finally arrived in modern and ancient Rome. I never met people before who are so optimistic and full of joy and enthousiasm as they are. Well Marlies and Glenn, Darwin and Darlene, Carl and Sherry, and Boris, thank you so much for the confidence in my programme and in my tour through Rome. It was a great pleasure to me to meet you, to be your guide and to show you many high lights Rome has to offer. Especially, to tell you lots of stories so you all were able to get an inter connected idea about art and history and to bring all this for you to life. And last but not least, to bring it all back to human proportions and all day life. You were a really great audience and I hope from the bottom of my heart to have more groups like you. So, for me Canadian groups are more than welcome. And I really do hope to meet you again some day.